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Measuring Guide

We measure every vintage garment by hand so you can ensure the right fit. Please read carefully how we size and measure our pieces.

The best way to know if a vintage item will fit you is to take a garment that fits you well, similar to the one you are interested in purchasing, and measure it the way we measure ours. 

All our garments are measured flat. We measure in centimeters (cm). 

How we measure bottoms:

Waist: The garment lays flat and is buttoned or zipped-up. We pull the front waistband upwards so that the top edge is flush with the back waistband. We measure the waistband from end to end.

Hips: We measure the hips from the the widest parts of the hips, seam to seam. 

Front Rise: We start measuring from the middle of the crotch seam and measure straight up to the middle of the front waistband.  

Back Rise: We start measuring at the center of the back waistband and measure straight down to the crotch seam.

Inside leg/Inseam: We measure from the crotch to the bottom of the leg opening along the inside seam.

Leg Opening: We measure across the bottom of the leg at the hem from seam to seam.

How we measure tops & outerwear:

Chest: We lay the garment flat and measure from armpit to armpit. The measurements begin and end at the seams.

Shoulders: We measure straight across the shoulders from sleeve seam to sleeve seam. Shoulder measurements are done on the backside of the garment, not front. 

Sleeve: We measure from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve cuff. 

*Raglan - Some garments do not have a shoulder seam due to a ‘Raglan’ sleeve design, where the shoulder has a seamless curve. As there is no specific shoulder seam from which to measure the sleeve length, we measure from the top neck seam to the end of the sleeve cuff.

Length: We start measuring at the highest point on the shoulder (usually where the shoulder meets the collar) and measure straight down the front of the garment until the lowest point on the bottom hem.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about specific measurements that we may not have included that you need to know in order to feel confident about your purchase.